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SuchThauS does not try to satisfy anybody, you may like some of it, you may hate it all, Suchthaus is indifferent.

Every track has an individual character, the atmosphere changes like the mood and amount of what ever we consume while making the sounds. The atmosphere varies from the very dark to the very bright.

Most tracks are an experiment with sounds, and starts up with no plan or idea of where it ends. Instead of making visual sculptures, we try to make sound sculptures, but we do visualize them with the help of videos.
SUCHTHAUS is the creation of Sculptor and Stage Designer Spacebrain (Rene Hamel) and the philosophy behind the band can best be summed up by this quote from Charles Bukowski: "The way to great art is to burn and destroy ordinary concepts and to substitute them with new truths that run down the top of the head and from the heart"

As to how the band came about, Spacebrain has this to say: " I guess... you can say Suchthaus started back in 1976 with my friend Mikael, the only black boy in my village in Germany. We used two mono tape players, cans as drums, a guitar with one string and a small keyboard, trying to make music inspired by the songs coming out of the Wurlitzer juke box in the bar my parents were running in my early childhood back in the 60s.

Music has always been a part of my life 24-7. Genres never mattered to me, I like the best from them all, from classic to metal.

In the early 80´s I joined the underground scene in Munich where I joined different bands jamming for hours on different instruments, even playing the blues harp in one of the blues bands. I survived my travels in Southern Europe during the second half of the 80s by playing the guitar although I can´t really say I bothered to learn how to play an instrument. Neither do I know how to read music. I´m kind of more interested in making sounds, and was never eager to find out how to copy a song in the way others struggled to sound exactly like a song from their favourite band. (knock, knock, knock, on the heavens door, yawn)

In 1992 I started to make sculptures in Oslo when cyber punk and techno was at its height. I found out making a song was pretty much the same as making a sculpture. I called the project Spacebrain and every exhibition was a mix of music and performance together with sculptures made of recycled metal, plastic and animal skulls.

In 2000 the Black Metal movement in Norway found Spacebrain, and I toured with Mayhem as their stage designer for a decade. Later on I joined former Mayhem frontman Maniac in his band Skitliv as a bassplayer, which made me realize that even guys who can’t tune an instrument, can play in a band!

I gradually stopped making new sculptures which are to heavy for an old man like myself to carry around.

Out of the ashes of Spacebrain arose Suchthaus.

Suchthaus is my new art concept".

Spacebrain October 2011
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